Sting of Beauty

Sting of Beauty

Friday, October 1, 2010

Ten Commandments To Win Over A Woman

I. Thou shall not use pickup lines.
None of them are good. I don’t care how suave you are at pulling one off, you never know if someone else has used it and you’ll appear cheesy. Instead, use an honest, specific pick-up line based on what’s happening around you.
For example, “It sure is crowded here tonight. Want me to buy your drink for you so you don’t have to stand in this long line?” It’s an opener, it’s considerate, and it will get your foot in the door.
II. Thou shall flirt like there’s no tomorrow.
Flirting is an art. It takes practice and it also gives your confidence level a boost. Flirting with all women makes it easier for you to take the pressure off because it will become a natural part of your persona, not something you do only when you’re trying to hit on a woman.
III. Thou shall not worry about what women are thinking.
We’re all different. Don’t walk up nervously wondering if your hair, outfit, career choice, or anything else disgusts her. Confidence is what we’re seeking and when we see it, we’ll be yours for the taking.
IV. Thou shall make an effort to plan a date other than dinner and a movie.
Originality is a plus with women. Men always choose dinner and movie, which is fun, but not creative. Show her you’re not like other men. Drum up a different kind of date – the kind you’d see on a Television dating show where they swim with dolphins or make pottery together like in the movie Ghost.
V. Thou shall not discuss taboo topics.
No politics, religion, past relationships, etc. If you want to impress a woman, ask a lot of questions – we love to talk. Remember to try to stay positive about subjects, and only rarely mention something negative.
VI. Thou shall make an effort to listen at all times.
One thing we look for in our own girlfriends is someone who’s a good listener. Since we like to talk and complain and whine about what’s going on in our day, we need good listeners.
If you’re daydreaming on our date, we’ll know it and we won’t appreciate that you don’t seem interested in getting to know us very well. Listening also allows you to pick up on hints about what she likes and doesn’t like, so you can surprise her with these things in the future.
VII. Thou shall not be too eager on a date.
Take it slow, or we might nix the nookie later on in the evening. If you’re staring at our chest, salivating over what you’re seeing, it might turn a woman off and cause her to chalk you up to almost every other man she’s ever dated.
Feign interest – even if you’re not interested, and the date will go more smoothly, not to mention you’ll gain the possibility of a sexual encounter.
VIII. Thou shall focus on the little things that make her happy.
Don’t have big bucks? Don’t worry! Even if you do, you should not always try to impress a woman with your wallet. We want to know that you still have that little boy in you who used to bring his mommy dandelions from the front yard.
Hand made cards, a balloon with marker written on it and a sweet message, a candy bar in our purse with a note about how sweet we are – all of these things will score you big points!
IX. Thou shall not lose sight of what you want in a woman.
Just as it’s important to find a woman interested in you, it’s equally important that you not settle for a woman who doesn’t make you happy. Consider everything from beauty to brains and then look for a woman who lives up to your standards.
If you set your standards so high that you’ve turned into a Shallow Hal, then you might try figuring out what you’d want in a woman if you were blind. Then, find a beautiful woman who also contains those qualities.
X. Thou shall look for love in all places.
From now on – every place you go is your singles scene. Every time you shop, pump gas, work, etc., you’re on the prowl. Finding love is the easy part – keeping it is where you’ll be putting in the most effort!

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

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